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A suggested cause of migraine headaches (as well as tension-type headaches) appears to be cervical musculoskeletal abnormalities. This study tested the effectiveness of physical therapy (PT) treatment, and relaxation and thermal biofeedback (RTB). First, the researchers evaluated both PT and RTB, individually, to assess their success in alleviating chronic migraine headaches. Then, they offered patients in each group, whose chronic condition was not reduced by 50%, the other form of treatment. Follow-up appraisals were conducted at three, six, and twelve months.

The physical therapy regimen focused on:

  • Posture correction for alignment of head and spine
  • Cervical range of motion for neck and shoulders
  • Isometric strengthening of the neck
  • Flare management techniques
  • Active self mobilization of the spine
  • Whole body stretching 

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